Gallery of 2011 Winners


Welcome to the gallery of award winners in the 2011 Deframing The Frame Contest. This program is sponsored by Adelphi University and the Murderedtheweb project. The contest is for single author, no budget movies, which in some way challenge the standard frame of traditional media.

Judging Panel & Finalist Discussion

Finalist Discussion & Contest Winners

First Place

The First

A Thousand Pound Bomb

Kwa Heri Mandima

Second Place

The Fallacy of Man

Fire / Bird Suite

At the Movies

Honorable Mentions

Breakdown the Remix

The Queen, My Lord, is Much, Much Better

The Financial Destruct

Audience Choice

Deep Water Horizon

One Response to “Gallery of 2011 Winners”

  1. Wow! What an interesting way to present the contest and the winners. The conversations made me think about the individual pieces in a much different way then I would have if only watching them on my own. This was really awesome and clever.

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