Daniel Rakowitz

Why do you have no sympathy for Daniel Rakowitz?

4 Responses to “Daniel Rakowitz”

  1. Sympathy requires some kind of emotional connection and as far as I can tell Daniel Rakowitz didn’t have any emotions a person could connect with (or at least that I could connect with). He appears to have been all action and force without reason or feeling, which is easily the most terrifying thing I can imagine.

  2. S. Carter Says:

    Animal cruelty is linked to violent acts against humans. To think that no one listened or acted really enrages me.

  3. i do have sympathy for daniel. he never had a chance given his history and that they don’t really provide psychiatric care for troubled youth in texas in the 1960’s thru the 1980’s.

    he is very smart and when not crazed could be quite kind.

    if only he would go on meds and really deal with his issues and accept help.

    a shame. a waste. he is a victim as much as anyone was in those times and now. so badly used. a shame. don’t let him out yet. still very dangerous, of course.

    • Anna– thanks for your thoughtful comment. Everyone and everything is so complicated. I agree that is a shame that Daniel never got the medical attention he needed. He and obviously others paid the price for this.

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