Monica Beerle

Why do you have sympathy for Monica Beerle?

3 Responses to “Monica Beerle”

  1. What a horrific story. I’m not sure I know how to express my feelings about this without taking some more time to search through what this nightmare says about all of us in different ways.

  2. I mean the poor girl ended in the toilet and her murderer on page 6- she was a talented dancer at the emergence of her career and he was the neighborhood drug dealer….I mean come on, talking about irony of fate….

  3. Neither DancenorForensics Says:

    I met and saw her dance in class at the Graham School in 1989. Her name and phone number were in one of my ex-husband’s notebooks. They had coffee once…. before her murder, my biggest fear was to die in NYC as she did….Her horrible death confirmed that life & death in this city can be brutal.
    I will always remember her.
    ::::May your soul find peace Monica::::

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