Sean Sally

Why do you have no sympathy for Sean Sally?

7 Responses to “Sean Sally”

  1. Superfaux Says:

    This guy is just the worst. What he did was horrendous. He’s looks like the evil black Alfafa from The Little Rascals.

  2. How come this guy did not get the death penalty?


  4. rosemond dane Says:

    why would “the discovery channel” feature him on”I almost got away with it” …more lies and fiction. Let him rot..

    • He didn’t get away with ****–the POS was CAUGHT on camera and they busted him immediately. It just took them time to catch him since like the murdering coward he was, of course he ran away.

  5. Dadd Nicks Says:

    Why do they always run they know they are sick better than anyone .
    Is it Cowards code

  6. If you know facts about this, I’d would welcome hearing them. I knew Jennifer fairly well and met Sean a few times– those who survived said it was Sean that at very least shot Jennifer. And I hope what the site states doesn’t come off as calling Sean a devil or an evil black alfalfa. He killed my friend– that doesn’t make me very sympathetic to him– but like I said I am open to changing my mind if you have other info.

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