Andre Smith

Why do you have sympathy for Andre Smith?

12 Responses to “Andre Smith”

  1. For whatever reason, in the stories Andre always drew me in…

  2. S. Carter Says:

    He admitted that he went there for the robbery. I don’t think he knew Sean’s intentions. For him to turn himself in and get life for not knowing makes me have sympathy for him. There are a lot of other cold hard killers that get parole, less than life, or just say they are crazy and eventually get out.

    • rosemond dane Says:

      He was holding a gun too! of course he knew what the intenstion was!!
      He’s a liar

      • Harry Christian Says:

        hey bro wassup im Aiden do you know how much the wanted Andre is cause i need some money for me and my fam and if i find i can do just that.

  3. Andre is just one of millions of victims of the racial prejudice in the American criminal justice system. Each of their stories haunts me.


  5. Dre is a friend of mind from Jersey…when I heard about this murder that he supposedly had committed i was shocked. I know him well and he is not an animal…he’s a good hearted guy. I dont know about the case and what took place on that unfortunate day. I’m sorry for the families. Dre hold your head up u will be out in the free world again one day.

  6. Aydin Torun Says:

    Look, nobody is going to know exactly how someone will respond under pressure. If you are going to commit robbery, every second counts. If you do not have a weapon you are left with the threat of force, violence and intimidation. Here you have polar opposites, an ordinarily likeable person with low intellect, eager to please, perhaps open to suggestion and easily swayed. A dangerous, volatile combination. The perfect pasty. The annals of crime are replete with examples of people who are simply not cut out for forms of art that require patience, discipline, research, common courtesy and…balls. Hence unanticipated, unpleasant, and oftentimes untidy outcomes

  7. Harry Christian Says:

    how much is Andre smith does anybody know

  8. Harry Christian Says:

    does anybody know how much he is cause i want to find him so i can get some money! $$$$

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