Linda Fitzpatrick

Why do you have sympathy for Linda Fitzpatrick?

4 Responses to “Linda Fitzpatrick”

  1. Superfaux Says:

    Her bohemian dream became a nightmare.

  2. kevin g. Says:

    The end of Love… You’re right, this poor girl’s fate changed a lot of minds about the Love Generation.

  3. I would have liked to know Linda better. She seems to have survived only as the symbol to the media’s agenda of encapsulating the times in neat salable bytes.

  4. Linda, like Groovy, seemed like she was also living the life that she wanted to live. NYC still offers people that opportunity to redefine themselves and provides them the space to become who they really want to be. Unfortunately for Linda, she didn’t have the time to figure that out. I have sympathy for her because she was not able to tell her own story. Instead the media painted a portrait of a white woman–any white woman.

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