Jane Albert

Why do you have sympathy for Jane Albert?

5 Responses to “Jane Albert”

  1. Jane had the misofrtune of all the deep personal and political confusion felt by hundreds of thousands of others being played out in public and becoming a small but indelible historical footnote. These were conflicts best resolved alone, or among trusted friends. She did and said what seemed right at the time, and when she changed her mind was regarded as a traitor, or perhaps a spoiled rich girl. The reality is that she was both very smart and very sincere, and if she felt there was any chance of anyone listening (rather than just labelling) I expect she could and would compose an excellent new memoir/commentary, with insights on everything that’s happened in the world since the early 1970s.

  2. II have to admit that Howl is correct and I am not. “Albert” should be “Alpert.” It is a terribly unprofessional mistake. But not one I can easily correct. So my deepest apologies to Ms. Alpert. And a “thanks” to Howl for pointing this out.

  3. Absolutely adored this woman, Jane Lauren Albert… Forest Hills, Swarthmore, the Rat (the only paper to note the day the Daily News published Sam Melville’s “bullshit” retort, never again to be repeated) East 4th St in the East Village, late 60’s… What’s not to like? Imagine having come of age pristine clean with no contact with the c.j.s and then being thrust under the glare of relentless scrutiny in a bombing conspiracy. All is forgiven, Jane. Even your jarring intemperate denunciation of Sam. When I walk around a campus like Columbia’s today, it’s difficult to imagine a time when truly important things mattered. I know the York County facility hurt and the MCC’s 5th Floor was no picnic, but what didn’t kill Jane, made her stronger…

  4. Jeff Monroy Says:

    Because she is honest and fearless. I hope to spend time with my granddaughter telling her all about the life of Jane Alpert .

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